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"La Croix Water" by Russell Jaffe


Image of "La Croix Water" by Russell Jaffe

Join poet Russell Jaffe for a manic, participatory ride through the many flavors of LaCroix Water.

Russell Jaffe is a poet, artist, internet junk seller, and teacher living in Chicago, IL. He is the author of the poetry collections INTROVERT // EXTROVERT (Punk Hostage, '15), and This Super Doom I Aver (Poets Democracy, '13), as well as the online chapbook (accompanied by pushpins and balloons) (The Red Ceilings, '12). He is the former editor of Strange Cage, a poetry press, and emcee of its reading series. He has been drinking seltzer since he was 6 and his daughter Celestine, nearly 2, drinks it now. You can him on Instagram (russelljaffe) or play him in Chess Time (ILikeToEatScones).