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Return. by Adrienne Dodt

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Image of Return. by Adrienne Dodt

Adrienne’s poems engage in rich avant-garde experiments with the material of language. Zir poems are at once physical and metaphysical: examining the stuff of the body and the stuff of thought, “To cave in the face of / permanent,” as ze writes in the stunning long poem, “The Material of Memory.”

Adrienne Dodt is a poet, essayist, and amateur photographer. Adrienne’s work can be found in The Body Electric anthology and Fact-Simile, Apothecary, and Con/Crescent magazines. Zir comics have been featured in Whrrds and In-Stereo Press. Adrienne is a regular contributor to Spoon River Poetry Review blog and is a member of The Next Objectivists poetry collective in Chicago. Ze was the Poetry Editor for Bombay Gin magazine in 2008-2009, and ze edited the Next Objectivists’ chapbook Collective Unconsciousnesses in 2011. Adrienne currently teaches at a few community colleges in Chicago.